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Al Anderson & Leigh Braglia

Meet the Founders of
Pop Alleigh

From friends to founders, Al Anderson and Leigh Braglia created Pop Alleigh as a dedicated space for Atlantans to sit, sip, and savor life’s special moments. Committed to their craft, the two traveled extensively to taste and provide guests with only the highest-quality bubbles. Here, get to know the expert duo behind the experience.

How long have you two been friends?

We met in 2008 through Leigh’s son, Jack. Al was one of Jack’s cheerleading coaches! It’s been an incredible journey going from friends to business partners. We have a great history, and it really reflects in our work together. The respect we have for one another is strong, and the bond we have is unmatched. It makes us a dynamic duo. Between the two of us, we cover a lot of bases!

What inspired you to open Pop Alleigh?

The spontaneous idea came along when Leigh and her husband were walking around Roswell. It was a time in Leigh’s life when she could devote time and energy to something. When Leigh saw the space, she immediately knew she wanted Al to come on board since they are best friends who share a passion for Champagne.

Why was it important to travel for tastings when curating the menu for Pop Alleigh? Where did you travel?

We wanted to make sure we had the best selection of bubbles. Between the two of us, we’ve covered all the major areas of sparkling wine in the world: Cava in Spain, Champagne and Crémant in France, Prosecco in Italy, and sparkling wine in California. Visiting different Maisons was something we both did before Pop Alleigh was even born!

What do you love most about the Pop Alleigh experience?

The vibe, the energy, and the concept we’re able to offer to the city of Roswell. Pop Alleigh is indeed something very different from everything in the area. We enjoy the way people feel when they come in and when they leave.

Why was Roswell the perfect neighborhood for Pop Alleigh?

The vibe of the area is very community-based. People are friendly and the area is walkable. It’s a happening area!

Which Champagnes top your list of favorite sips?

Our favorites labels would have to be: Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, Krug, Alfred Gratien, Pol Roger (specifically Sir Winston Churchill), Laurent Perrier (specifically Grand Siècle), Bollinger, and Perrier-Jouët (specifically Belle Epoque).